Frequently Asked Questions

1)   How many pieces make up your performance?

Our standard Wedding package consists of the six-piece band, featuring our four-piece backline (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards), plus a dedicated male and female vocalist.

We have the ability to perform with up to an 11-piece band featuring two female vocalists, one male vocalist, a three-piece horn section (trumpet, sax, trombone), a percussion player, and our four-piece backline (guitar, bass, drums, keyboards).

2)   Do you provide MC Services?

Yes!  One of our strengths is our ability to work hand in hand with your coordinators to ensure your reception has an easy flow.  We make all necessary announcements and transitions.  We consider this part of our “job” and we take it very seriously.  We deliver with the utmost professionalism to give you and your guests peace of mind to enjoy your night.

Please download our “Wedding Questionnaire” and send back to us within 30 days of your event.  The Questionnaire sheet will give us everything we need to properly MC your event.

3)   Do you provide break music during your breaks?

Yes, to say the least.  We are proud to offer our unique, full service DJ capabilities during breaks.  Most bands play music through iTunes from an iPod, or we have even heard horror stories of other bands playing break music via a Pandora station, complete with commercials (yikes!).  We strive to keep the energy high, with current top 40 music to keep guests on the dance floor, ready to continue with the band after the break.  You can select songs for the DJ to play, or you can let the DJ read the crowd and even take requests.  Our DJ will crossfade songs and mix just like a normal club DJ.  We view our breaks as a continuation of the party, so we play music that maintains the flow and energy of the night.  Basically, you get a band and DJ with our package.

4)   What type of music do you play?

One of the strengths of our band is our diversified songlist.  Our songlist is ever-changing as we continually learn new tunes to keep our show fresh and current.  We have around 250 songs in our repertoire and the list is growing every month. Download Songlist

5)   Are you willing to learn custom songs?

LBB is willing to learn your special first dance song.  Most bands charge extra for this, but we are happy to learn and play your first dance song at your Wedding  Our only requirement that you inform us of the special custom song 4 weeks in advance of the date.  That way we have more than enough time to learn, and work the song into our set list prior to your event.

6)   Is there an additional charge for out of town events?

We have specific rates for in-town (Orlando) Private/Corporate/Wedding events and different rates for out-of-town (OOT) events such as Tampa, Sarasota, Saint Petersburg, Miami, Daytona, and Jacksonville.

7)   Do you perform outside of the state of Florida?

Yes!  We have performed for Private/Corporate/Wedding events across the country in states such as California, Nebraska, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Georgia, Missouri, Kentucky, Alabama, and Tennessee.  Additionally, we have performed events outside of the US in locations such as the Bahamas, Mexico, Cuba, Cayman Islands, and more.

8)   How much time do you require for load in, setup, & sound check?

We require 3 hours to load in, setup and soundcheck so we request access to the space three hours prior to guest arrival. If we are providing lighting enhancements such as “Up-Lighting” or “Gobo” we request access to the space 3.5 hours in advance of guest arrival.

9)   What are your requirements?

We are low maintenance and easy to work with.  Our only real requirements are the following:

1)   ELECTRICAL POWER: 5 separate dedicated 20 amp circuits run to the stage (or access within 20ft of stage)

2)   MEALS: Meals for 8 (6 band members plus 2 techs).

3)   *STAGING: Appropriate staging (24′ wide x 20′ deep x 24″ high or higher). *We understand some venues don’t allow for a stage so staging is not a requirement but instead a recommendation.

10)   Are you flexible on stage size?

We are flexible with just about anything, including staging.  See above.  Our standard 6 piece band can perform on a stage as small as 16 ft. deep by 16 ft. wide if needed.

11)   What type of stage/dance floor lighting do you provide?

We have a full scale professional Pro Audio and state of the art Lighting System.  Our lighting system features intelligent lighting on truss totems, plus LED par cans, and strobe effects, all operated by our dedicated lighting designer.  Most bands are content with a static wash that doesn’t change all night.  We take it a step further and customize looks for each song to support a high energy and inviting atmosphere on the dance floor.  Our professional lighting techs will customize and program looks that support your weddings colors as well.  Guests will thank you for not asking them to dance in a room full of bright house lights!

*Note: ask us about our uplighting packages as well!

12) Are there any specific dietary requests for the vendor meals?

We very much appreciate that our clients provide us vendor meals onsite so we are pretty low maintenance when it comes to this.  The band does not have any strict dietary restrictions.

13) What is your attire for the Wedding?

Our standard wedding attire consists of long sleeved Black dress shirts, black dress pants, black vests and white ties for the males and our female singers wear cocktail dresses.  If requested we can wear formal Tuxedos but there is an additional charge for this.

14) Do you have Insurance?

The band and its band mates and techs are covered with a General Liability policy of $1,000,000.00

15) Do you have references available?

Yes we are more than happy to provide references.  If you are interested in seeing what our former clients have said about us you can check out our reviews section on THE KNOT and on Wedding Wire at